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November 5, 2008

Time To Rail-y

Rail, rail, the gang's all here.  Now that the rapid transit issue has been decided upon by the voters, let's see just how quickly, or slowly, it takes to get the wheels in motion on this huge project.  How long before we hear from the many community voices that will be directly impacted, maybe even physically impacted, by the rail system?

Now is the time for civil discussions about land usage, timing, and noise concerns- whether true or untrue.  Now is the time to work with the environmentalists and community leaders and residents in affected areas. Now is the time to draw really good models to show people what this will all look like- in their neighborhoods.  I suspect all of these items are high on the priority list now that it is full speed ahead, all engines forward.  Over-communication would be a good thing for this project, to ensure that no one is left behind due to lack of understanding or awareness.

Moving forward in general is the easy part; the devil is in the details, as is the inevitable cost of this project.  But the more people know, the more they are informed, the more they get the news- good or bad- in advance, the better chance that this project will ride smoothly.  Think about it...

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