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Hawaii voters report short lines, few problems

Gary Schnacke Gary Schnacke
Duane Fujii Duane Fujii
Kevin Cronin Kevin Cronin
Brad Dennett Brad Dennett

By Leland Kim - bio | email

HAWAII STATE CAPITOL (KHNL) - About 3,600 volunteers helped Tuesday's election go smoothly throughout the state. Few reports of problems reported at polling stations.

Hawaii's voter experience was much different from that of their mainland counterparts.

Lines, lines, and more lines. Some mainland voters on certain parts of the mainland had to endure four to eight hour lines to cast their ballots.

But a much different story here in Hawaii. No lines at most Oahu polling stations, including the one at McKinley High School.

"It's not very busy," said Gary Schnacke, a voter.

"I thought there was going to be a line but I guess it was very easy," said Duane Fujii, another voter. "No one in front of us."

Absentee voting as well as early voting helped reduce lines here as well as other polling locations. The number of absentee ballots turned in this year has doubled from four years ago.

Throughout the day, few reports of problems from polling stations. A voting machine at Waipahu High School stopped working, but election officials worked quickly to resolve the problem.

"We dispatched a troubleshooter, and that machine was replaced," said Kevin Cronin, Hawaii's chief election officer.

3,600 volunteers worked a 12-hour day to make sure things went smoothly and efficiently.

"The staff here, the volunteers at the voting places here, have always been very good and they were today," said Schnacke.

"All the people are great," said Brad Dennett, a Hawaii Kai resident who voted at McKinley High School. "What a great service and they are very patient and in good spirits."

Election officials say this is a testament to the people of Hawaii's character.

"People are very supportive of our election process," said Cronin. "It's a shared responsibility and people are stepping up."

In all there were 339 precinct locations statewide, with 212 just here on Oahu.

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