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Volunteers trek across the city to sway votes for rail

Justin Fanslau Justin Fanslau
Dennis Callan Dennis Callan

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Voters are deciding the fate of bringing a mass transit rail system to Oahu.

Tuesday pro-rail volunteers trekked across the City in a trolley, hoping to sway voters to say yes to rail.

At a cost of nearly $4.8 billion, it's the state's largest public works project ever.

And it has drawn both heavy criticism and support.

Anti-rail critics criticized the City for not releasing the rail's Draft Environmental Impact Statement until just two days ago.

For both sides of the issue, Tuesday was crunchtime.

"We're nervous. We're waiting for the results to come in but we have over a hundred people out doing get out to vote efforts right now all over the island," said rail supporter Justin Fanslau.

"We've been out canvassing, distributing brochures door to door. I hit about 600 homes in Maikiki in the last week," said rail opponent Dennis Callan.

While pro rail supporters outspent the opposition, anti rail group "Stop Rail Now" says its hopeful this highly debated decision will be close down to the last printout.

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