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Governor Lingle heads to the polls

Governor Linda Lingle Governor Linda Lingle

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Governor Linda Lingle has not been shy about publicly announcing her pick in the presidential race.

She headed to McKinley High School to cast her vote for Senator John McCain, and his running mate Sarah Palin.

Lingle recently spent time on the mainland campaigning for the republican ticket.

As for one of the biggest issues locally, Lingle says she swayed back and forth over rail transit.

But Tuesday, her mind was made up as she headed to the polls.

"I did vote against the rail question. I think it's an important issue to deal with - the traffic out in the region, but there are other approaches that we could and should be taking that are not as expensive and they won't cost us so much to operate over the long-term," said Lingle. 

The governor would not say who she voted for in the mayoral race. But she did say she was surprised to hear recent comments from Mufi Hannemann about their "close working relationship."

Lingle says that's simply not true.

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