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Voters have a lot on their minds in voting booths

Teddy Cablay Teddy Cablay
Lucy Eder Lucy Eder
Georgina Jones Georgina Jones

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Voters turn out early as polls open up nation wide and Hawaii residents pick a new president.

There were a lot of issues at the top of their lists in the voting booths. They come alone, in pairs, and even bring their kids.

"Oh, I think they know already they voted in school and we've been talking about it for a while so they've been reminding us that we need to go and vote," said voter Sharon Arima

This historic election had voters heading to the polls early to beat long lunch lines. A lot of issues are on their minds from the economy and rail to the mayoral election.

"There's a lot of reasons especially right now the economy, everything the transit for the mayor and it's very important," said voter Teddy Cablay.

"It's the rail and about either Obama or McCain the presidential candidates," said voter Lucy Eder.

"Mostly it was the economy I think and what they stand for with education especially with the kids nowadays and what we are doing for them," said voter Georgina Jones.

Jones says this election could impact her children the most.

"They vote in school now so that's really interesting I want to see how they voted because we talk about it at home."

Since mid-October, a record breaking 100,000 students have cast their ballots in the kids voting general election.

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