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November 3, 2008

Shelter From The Storm

People perennially talk about homeless shelters, and the need for more of these things, whatever they might be.  I know what a bomb shelter is- they built 'em in basements during the Cold War in the early 1960s.  I know what a storm shelter is, it's a place you and I run to when it really starts pouring.  And I know what a bus stop is, it's a public place where you wait to catch The Bus.

But this concept of needing more homeless shelters needs to have a bit more description to it to really help the situation.  Are we talking about permanent locations?  Are we talking about transition housing?  Certainly, we are not seriously thinking of shelters as mere lean-tos or simple structures that only manage to keep out the rain for awhile, are we?  Are we talking homes, places to live and settle when we talk "shelter"?

There are mental, physical, economic, and personal issues that make each and every homeless situation different.  Trying to come to grips with the causes, trying to find workable solutions for most of the cases, getting help for those in need- these are the biggest areas that need to be addressed. Better efforts have been made on the city and state levels in the past few years, and more needs to be done.  Shooing people from a bus stop is one thing, but let's not stop finding more answers to help people seeking shelter from the storm.  Think about it... 

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