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Young voter voices ready to be heard

Soule Drake Soule Drake
Kana Goldsmith Kana Goldsmith
Linda Coble Linda Coble

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) -  Hawaii's youth is joining forces with young people nationwide to put their two cents in on picking the next president.

The Kids Voting program is drawing record numbers, as keiki down to kindergarten are making their voices heard.With a record 115,000 votes casted, the state's youth are enthusiastic about this election.

Look out school nurse, because these 5th graders have all caught election fever. Soule Drake hopes democrats dominate.

"They're for the whole of the United States, Republicans are for the higher class," said Obama Supporter Soule Drake.

Despite a heavy democratic crowd, Senator McCain supporters stand proud.

"I know McCain and Palin, they're going to do a really great job and I don't care about their opinion because it's my personal opinion," said McCain Supporter Kana Goldsmith.

In 2004, Hawaii's Kids Voting results mirrored those of the state's actual general election. After three weeks of studying and understanding the political process and issues affecting the nation, this year's results may reflect a unique voice.

"Just look at them, they've got the enthusiasm, they've got the patriotic spirit, they are experiencing democracy hands on," said Hawaii Program Chair Linda Coble.

"It'll be better so we know what to do when we're older," said Goldsmith.

" We're part of the country and we have a voice, even though we're not old enough to vote. But we can help adults and people over the age of 18 decide," said Drake.

The race for the White House, to selecting Honolulu's mayor and important issues like rail and con-con, nearly 7% of the state's public and private school students are focused on the future.

Kids Voting results will be revealed at the State Capitol on election night around 6:15pm.

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