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Maryknoll keiki head to the polls

Christian Rodriguez Christian Rodriguez
Emerald Leong Emerald Leong

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Keiki in Honolulu dress up in red white and blue and head to the polls. Holding posters of donkeys and elephants, keiki from Maryknoll Grade School represent young democrats and republicans.

"It's your future so the president will have an effect on the younger kids lives," 8th grader Emerald Leong said.

"I would want to vote later because this decides our fate and the fate of our state," 8th Grader Christian Rodriguez.

As part of spirit day they hold patriotic signs and campaign posters supporting their favorite candidates for a parade around campus.

"We walked around the whole school singing songs, patriotic songs," Rodriguez said.

"We did a lot of rallying to get awareness about voting," Leong said.

They learn about the different candidates and how every vote counts.

"I went onto their websites to see what their sides are on issues like the economy and healthcare," Leong said.

They wear red white and blue encouraging their fellow students to head to the "classroom" polls. Once there, they fill in the circle for their candidate, fold up the ballot and place it into the box.

The students just as there parents will have to wait until Wednesday to find out the winners.

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