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Willie K helps youth symphony tough it out

Lance Uchida Lance Uchida
Les Murata Les Murata
Karen Hida Karen Hida
Willie K Willie K

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - For nearly 50 years, the Hawaii Youth Symphony has been dazzling audiences across the state.

"There are kids who come in here. They don't learn just music, they learn the lessons of life, hard work, and being diligent, sticking to something and it's just an amazing program," said Lance Uchida, whose child plays in the symphony.

"But if this concert fundraiser doesn't strum up enough money, the youth symphony will be forced to make some drastic changes.

"The other option is cutting our budget, maybe affecting certain programs we already have in the youth symphony and we don't want to do that because this is for the children of Hawaii," said Symphony board member Les Murata.

Karen Hida said her life-long dream is to be a full-time percussionist for a symphony. That may not happen if the program shuts down.

"It's really important for us students because especially in living in hawaii, the economy's not that good, so not all of us can pay and be able to take care of fees. Concerts are really important. We need all the support possible," said Hida.

With Willie K's energetic voice added to the fundraiser concert, the Hawaii Youth Symphony hopes that the soothing sounds of the orchestra will bring in enough support to keep it going for another 50 years.

"My intervention with the hawaii youth symphony is just as reminder that I want to show the public that without those people, the future is lost," explained Willie.

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