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Woman's faith fights cancer

Audrey Toguchi Audrey Toguchi
Yukio Toguchi Yukio Toguchi

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

The Kalaupapa peninsula is surrounded by the earth's highest sea cliffs, verdant valleys and sweeping waterfalls. It's also where Audrey Toguchi has kept a secret for nine years. A secret that propels her even to this day, to fly back to kalapaupa as much as she can, to give thanks.

"When you're pushed against a wall, you just turn to somebody you love and of course it was the dear Lord. You're the One who created my body so You know how to take care of it," Toguchi said.

To help put in a good word for her, Audrey turned to Father Damien, the 19th century belgian priest who ministered to leprosy patients at Kalaupapa. her first visit was in 1997. at the time, Audrey didn't know she had terminal cancer, but she was very sick. "Heart trouble, thyroid trouble, they had to remove a kidney, back trouble," Toguchi explained.

As we re-traced her steps to the start of her miraculous journey, Audrey took us to saint Philamina, where she went to mass with her two sisters.

"After mass I came down into the graveyard and I stood right at the grave site on the other side and I asked Father Damien, please Father, intercede for me," Audrey described

In 1998, Audrey went back to Kalaupapa after learning she had liposarcoma, a rare and deadly cancer. Audrey's doctor told her she only had a few more months to live.

Yukio Toguchi, Audrey's husband said "It was such an emotional - when the doctor told us, 5 to 6 months, you don't know what to think already."

Choosing prayer over chemotherapy, Audrey's cancer started to shrink, and by May of 1999, it completely disappeared. regardless of what explanation science or religion gives, this 80-year-old wife, mother, grandmother and retired teacher is living, breathing proof that with unwavering faith comes a mysterious force that can overshadow even death.

"I felt,I don't have to worry because there's somebody up there who loves me," Audrey added.

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