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Rail impact on homes

James Daly James Daly
Purita Yago Purita Yago
Christopher Caminos Christopher Caminos

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

SALT LAKE (KHNL) - According to Honolulu's environmental impact statement summary, the rail project will force 20 homes, a church, and more than 60 businesses to relocate.

The exact addresses won't be revealed until the full report is out, which is expected to be sometime this weekend.

But recent maps the city posted online show where the train will run. That route includes a residential area in Salt Lake.

Four maps, updated October 18th, outline the route of the controversial rail project. Included in its path is Salt Lake Boulevard, an area lined with homes.

"We need the rail, there's no doubt about that. But to come into Salt Lake? Crazy!" said James Daly, a Salt Lake resident.

"I don't want the rail because it affects us and makes noise, and my house is noisy already because of the cars," said Salt Lake resident Purita Yago.

Whether the homes along Salt Lake Boulevard are among properties that must relocate, will not be revealed until the full EIS comes out. But the possibility has those living along the Boulevard divided.

"Down on the other side, you got Pearl Harbor, Hickam, you got the airport, all the people working there. Who's working over here? It's all homes," said Daly.

"It doesn't matter. Then I can move to San Diego," said Prigido Yago, a Salt Lake resident.

"If they give me a nice location then I will," said Purita Yago.

Also standing along Salt Lake Boulevard is Island Christian Church, where some leaving it up to faith to protect them from any potential negative impacts.

"I'm sure the government has taken care of the aesthetic view, the road noise, or the noise that the rail should emit," said Church Elder Christopher Caminos.

The current price tag for rail to serve Salt Lake is $3.9 billion. Whether the Boulevard will transform into a rail corridor first has to clear an election day vote and then review and comment of the impact study.

If you would like to see the full EIS, we'll post a link on our website as soon as it comes out.

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