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Honolulu Community College gets technology grant

Scott Murakami Scott Murakami

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - We learn more about an enormous grant, more than $300 million, the University of Hawaii system is receiving for cutting edge technology.

Honolulu Community College and the Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training or PCATT, accept a $327 million technology grant. The new software will help students in Hawaii receive the latest training and gain a competitive edge.

"General Motors uses it in the automobile industry as does Ford. So it's a widespread technology that's used for the lifecycle of products," Michael Schwind of Siemens Corporation said.

The software is already being used at medical, aviation, and construction companies.

"If you go to any major fortune 100 company, you'll see a product lifecycle management solution," Schwind said.

"This is pretty high tech stuff and exactly what PCATT is supposed to be offering to the community here in Hawaii," Community colleges vice president John Morton said.

An advanced workforce could bring more industry to Hawaii.

"Having a tool like that in Hawaii gives us certainly a competitive advantage in providing training to our incumbent workforce." PCATT Director Scott Murakami said.

He says, with the new software, the University of Hawaii system is one step closer to educating Saturday's workforce to solve problems they don't even know about today.

The new software is currently being installed and will be in use as soon as possible.

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