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October 29, 2008

Clarification Please

This is as good a time as any to respond to questions and comments from e-mailers about these semi-weekly editorials.  To the person who suggested that i only talk about bad news, I don't, and I'm sorry if that's all that you hear.  To the person who wonders who I think I am doing these each week, I am the general manager of two television stations whose parent company and I, believe in the power of TV as a stimulator of discussion and possibly even as a voice of the people and the community through opinionated commentary.

All of the General Managers in the nationwide family of over 40 Raycom Media Television stations deliver editorials at their respective stations within local newscasts every week.  I truly don't expect every one to agree with my opinions or thoughts, but I do hope that after having written and delivered over 875 of these weekly tidbits over the past nine years, that maybe you find something of value from time to time.  If not, I certainly understand, and you have every right to vote with your remote control.

But I am encouraged by the positive feedback I get, from the kind words of people I bump into or the people who tell me they found something worth acting on in these telecasts.  I love the broadcast business because sometimes we do more than entertain or inform- sometimes we can actually make a difference in our communities.  And sometimes, I'm just na├»ve or arrogant enough to think that maybe that's what these little 90-seconds vignettes might do; but just sometimes, because we all like to dream.  So, I will continue to urge you to please think about it...

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