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Part of a Kalihi house collapses

Jay Young Jay Young
Jesse Taylor Jesse Taylor

By Sean Ibara

KALIHI (KHNL) - Part of a house collapsed on Gulick Avenue in Kalihi just after 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

Fire crews searched through the collapsed structure trying to find out if anyone was trapped inside. Witnesses at the scene said they heard a loud crash and people yelling for help.

No one was found in the rubble and fire officials said this wasn't the first time they've been called to this address.

"We do get calls for medicals and we do come up to this area, and there's a number of inspections we've also reported on this structure," said Honolulu Fire Department captain Robert Main.

Jay Young and his family live next door to the house. Young said the structure has been a constant eyesore with many problems, including numerous building code violations.

"I've been here for about a year. I've been aware from the neighborhood and the county that the structure has been here and getting bigger for the last four or five years," said Young.

He also said he was told the property cannot be officially condemned until the owner can be reached.

"The owners don't live here. So the guy that runs the place I don't believe he's technically an owner. So you can't really take much legal action against him because he's more like a tenant," said Young.

One of the tenants, Jessie Taylor, said he's frustrated with the manager of the building.

"It was raining and stuff. We know the ground was kind of moist and stuff. But like the building inspector told him he gotta tear down this structure, this existing horseshoe type structure," said Taylor.

Young had hoped the City would demolish the structure because of safety hazards. Now, there is no longer a need as this old home is in ruins.

"As long as nobody got hurt I think everybody in the neighborhood is a little bit happier to see the beginning of this process of this thing finally coming down," said Young.

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