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Moving day for Kahana Valley families

Ervin Kahala Ervin Kahala

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

Oahu (KHNL) - Some have called Kahana Valley "home" for decades, but a dispute with the state means six families can no longer live there. They have until monday to move out.

And while time is running out, frustration for those families is running high.

The mood in Kahana Valley is as gloomy as the weather, for families that grew up there.

"These are our homes, this is what we've lived for all our lives," said longtime resident, Ervin Kahala.

Families spend this weekend packing up and preparing to move out. After, they say, the state suddenly sent them eviction notices to leave in just days.

"That what makes it frustrating, how they do things with their bully tactics, it has to stop," added Kahala.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources says staff came here Saturday to offer help as residents move out. But longtime Kahana Valley residents say it's not help they were here for.

"They came today with force, sheriffs or whatever you call them. They came to ask if they could get paint samples off certain houses"

It's a dark day for residents, but the bright side is they have each other to lean on.

"How do you move everything a lifetime of things in 72 hours, the clock is ticking, ticking"

The move on Monday could force some residents to start living on the beach, as they leave behind not only their homes, but happier memories of quiet, and tranquil Kahana Valley.

Even as residents prepare to move out, they are still trying to change the State's eviction decision. And will be holding a rally at Kahana Valley Sunday afternoon.

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