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Coaches, volunteers serve up repairs

Matt Lee Matt Lee
Randy Sugiyama Randy Sugiyama

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

AINA HAINA (KHNL) - With the Department of Education facing steep cuts, and funding hard to come by, some staff members at Kalani High School are taking matters into their own hands.

A dedicated coach refuses to let budget cuts get in his way. Kalani High School tennis coach Matt Lee and many other volunteers are working with a local company to seal up cracks on the court. It's hard work they know will benefit everyone who steps onto the new playing surface.

All work and no play on this court Thursday.

"Do i like it? no, I don't, but you know what? I think afterwards when we see the finished product, I think they'll be really happy and proud about it," parent and volunteer Randy Sugiyama said.

Sugiyama took a couple days off to pitch in.

"It helps the process to have parents involved and I think it gets done a little faster," he said.

The blazing sun didn't seem to bother him, the other volunteers and this small helper one bit.

"I'm glad that we can do this for them and hopefully they'll be playing on here for years to come and hopefully when their kids are in school, they'll be out here and these courts will still be here," Seal Master's Jeff Gearheart said.

A local company offered to help seal up cracks. it's part of an effort to teach contractors about its product.

"You can see where it's all coming up and we tried to fix it before, but couldn't get it right, finally these guys came out and said oh, this is the way it should be done," Coach Matt Lee said.

The process includes smoothing over the court and then adding a couple coats of paint.

It's been 10 years since this surface has seen these types of improvements.

"My daughter is a sophomore right now," Sugiyama said. "She's always been on these courts and I think seeing nice, newer courts they are all going to want to play on it."

Fixing the courts that aren't only used by the school. United States Tennis Association tournaments and other adult events also take place there.

Seal Master donated materials and labor to the school for this project. They started working on the courts saturday and by this weekend, it should be completed.

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