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Special garden attracts many colorful butterflies

Jerry Fuller Jerry Fuller
By Sharie Shima - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Something's in the air at Foster Botanical Garden. It's the dance of the monarch butterfly.

A special garden is in the works in hopes of attracting more of these.

Mesmerizing mariposas.

It's a sight many people aren't able to enjoy up close. Colorful wings taking flight, monarch butterflies munching on succulent nectar, all of this in a garden developed by volunteers at Foster Botanical Garden.

"The butterflies started coming before we even started the planting."

"There aren't as many as we used to have and what we need to do is help them so the numbers can increase," said Niki Fuller.

Jerry and Niki Fuller have had a passion for these delicate creatures for more than 30 years. Now they want to educate the public about their importance to our ecosystem.

"The population of butterflies has been decreasing steadily," said Jerry.  "California has lost 40 percent of their species and we don't want that to happen in Hawaii."

Fuller says the dwindling numbers are a sure sign of changes occurring in our environment. The precious animals are losing out to urban development and pesticides.

"When they start to disappear you know something is not right."

The Fullers hope the garden will increase the number of butterflies, attracting more than a dozen varieties. The eight thousand foot area accommodates the different stages of a butterfly.

"It begins here. There are four stages, the monarch lays the egg on the crown flower it goes to a caterpillar, does a carlyss and from there it takes about two weeks before it hatches into an adult butterfly."

"Seeing the butterflies enjoying the garden is a joy. The beauty of the flight, the peace, tranquility even while were working in it."

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