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Shane Victorino plays key role in taking Phillies to World Series

Shane Victorino Shane Victorino

By Jason Tang - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - He's the fifth player from Hawaii to play in the World Series.

Yet Maui's own Shane Victorino is the first one who's been a key part of helping his team get there.

And while his individual postseason performance is known across the nation, team success is all he cares about.

Shane Victorino's done it all.

Fancy catches.

Big time hits.

And he's even been in the middle of some controversy.

"You know it's just something where you go out and play, I don't think that every night I'm trying to be that guy are be caught up in the spotlight, you just kind of let the game dictate itself," said Victorino.

Victorino's quickly emerged as one of the key players on the Phillies.

Many times this postseason he's been the difference between the Phillies winning or losing.

But don't call him the game changer.

"I'm not trying to be that guy, it seems ironic to be happening that way, but when I walk out on the field I want to win, and that's what it's about, winning as a team."

For many of the Phillies, including Victorino, this will be their first time on baseball's grandest stage.

However, it's an accomplishment they haven't really taken the time to think about.

"Really when I think it's all said and done when I get home it will all sink in, that I got to play in the World Series and something you dream of as a kid and playing on the ultimate stage, and get the opportunity to do it."

One fan Shane knows is cheering him on is his grandmother.

She passed away earlier this month.

However, Shane says he knows she's watching over him.

Victorino is planning on returning to the islands after the fall classic to attend her funeral.

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