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Local businesses look for ways to attract customers

Melia Redona Melia Redona
Nicola Luttropp Nicola Luttropp

By Leland Kim - bio | email

KAKAAKO (KHNL) - We've talked about how the economic slowdown impacts tourism and places that depend on visitors. But naturally, it's also affecting local businesses that don't have ties to tourism.

We're talking about stores that sell what are considered luxury items, things like furniture and artwork.

As folks cut back on discretionary spending, many places offer deals almost too good to pass up.

Small, locally-owned businesses line this stretch of Ward Avenue in the Kakaako neighborhood of Honolulu. Among them is Pacific Home furniture store, which specializes in modern yet comfortable styling.

"They carry stuff that nobody has and their selections are good, the buyer whoever picks the different things that they carry in here," said Melia Redona, a customer who lives in Kaimuki.

Another reason that brought Redona in is their sale. 20 percent off custom orders, which was supposed to end October 13.

"So they extended their sale until November 2nd," said Nicola Luttropp, a furniture salesperson. "Which is really nice because they realize people with the election and the market, they wanted to help people out with people to extend the sale."

"The fluctuation of the way the different businesses are, you just look for, when they have a sale, that's usually when I buy more things," said Redona.

That's exactly what the store is hoping for. Cutting prices to attract folks like Redona.

"I just keep an eye out for what they have and wait until I guess they have a sale," she said.

Getting great deals and helping out the local economy at the same time.

And Pacific Home is one of a handful of furniture stores in Hawaii that has inventory. So, if you buy a table, for example, you can expect to get in within two days.

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