Big Island launches new sustainable travel Web site

By Cindy Cha - bio | email

HILO, Big Island (KHNL) - Our Hawaiian Islands attract thousands of visitors each year, eager to explore the natural wonders here.

Because of the fragile ecosystem, the bureau says the day to day operations of tourism can put stresses on the islands' physical environment.

With that in mind, the Big Island Visitors Bureau launches a new travel Web site to inform tourists how to visit in the most environmentally way.

The site called, Sustainable Travel on the Island of Hawaii, highlights the Big Island as a top eco-tourism destination.

It explains the current environmentally friendly tourism practices on the Big Island in 14 different areas, ranging from conservation and protection, to community participation, renewable energy and culture/heritage sites.

Visitors can learn about the many local activities, attractions and tours that are already making green practices part of their daily operations.

"It's very important that all travelers understand the fragile environment that we have here and really understand the ways that they can travel in a manner that most benefits the local communities and at the same time not disturbing or having the least possible impact on our ecosystems," said Kristin McGrath, Senior Director of Marketing of Big Island Visitors Bureau.

The bureau points out that, while its sustainable tourism Web site is new, the model for sustainability on Hawaii was already in place and practiced for more than a millennium, by its first inhabitants, the native Hawaiians.