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City responds to tennis court concerns

Karen Hastings Karen Hastings
Lester Chang Lester Chang

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - There are more than 200 city tennis courts across Oahu. Some players say a portion of the courts need major improvements, like the ones at the Diamond Head Tennis Center.

"I know they're not doing enough," Longtime player Karen Hastings said. "I don't know if that's a joke or they are really serious, but I happen to know they're not doing enough."

But the city is stepping in very soon. In fact, Parks and Recreation Director Lester Chang says they're doing repair work in a couple of months.

"We got a short-term fix, we got the specifications written, we got the contract to do repair work and then later down the road, we're gonna do a complete renovation for the four worst courts, so hopefully within a couple of years, they'll be A-1 shape," he said.

Still, some people like Hastings are fed up with the waiting game. She and others feel the city needs to move faster and serve up some repairs soon.

"I understand the process, but I also know that there are ways around the process," she said. "If someone falls and slips and really gets hurt on these courts, that process is going to speed up faster than you can imagine."

Ala Moana resident Steve Turner feels the same way.

"There are people who come here everyday," he said. "This is one of the reasons they're here and if the city doesn't nurture that kind of facility, they're being foolish."

Chang says they're doing the best with the resources available to them.

"I hope they didn't lose faith because we do have a lot of tennis courts on this island," he said. "Lot of them are in very good shape and we're catching up on those that need to be improved."

Catching up on improving the places people young and old play. Chang says courts that aren't near any other ones get high priority for repairs.

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