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Couple reunites with stolen dogs

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - They're back! Saturday night a Pacific Palisades couple was reunited with their two dogs that were stolen last Monday.

The call Robert and Cynthia Houck had been waiting for finally came last night at around 9:30pm from the Humane Society. Their two Staffordshire Bull Terriers had been found.

2-year-old Zeus and 10-month-old Pele were back in the arms of their owners. On Monday, Robert and Cynthia Houck were robbed of cash, jewelry and their beloved dogs. The dogs were found Saturday at a home in Kailua.

"Oh what a joy, just relief that they're safe," says Dog Owner Cynthia Houck

The couple, along with countless concerned residents, put all their efforts into spreading the word about Zeus and Pele's disappearance. For five days, Robert and Cynthia never lost hope.

"With all of the publicity and all of the support we were very confident that these dogs would be found," says Dog Owner Robert Houck.

While they're happy to have their dogs back, it's still disturbing to know someone would break into their home to steal the two most valuable things in their lives.

"It's sort of like someone coming into your house and taking one of your family members, it's just not the same as the material things, says Robert Houck.

Amazingly, Robert and Cynthia Houck are able to find forgiveness in their hearts for the person who caused them so much grief.

"Just that their hearts could be convicted and that they would turn away from this lifestyle," says Robert Houck.

It was a supportive community, helping to give this tail a happy ending.

Aside from some minor scratches and a few ticks, Zeus and Pele appear to be doing fine. The robbery case is still under investigation.

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