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Camp Bennett Boot Camp helps athletes get in shape

Amy Bennett Amy Bennett

By Diane Ako - bio | email and Tai Hiranaka

KAILUA (KHNL) - Want to kick it up a notch with your exercise routine? How about handing yourself over to a former Marine Corps fitness leader? We visited a boot camp for everyone from new moms to serious triathletes.

Maybe these core exercises don't look like it would kick your butt. But talk to me after the running, the swimming, biking, and maybe a little yoga for good measure.

"Camp Bennett is an outdoor physical fitness gym. We've taken Hawaii and turned it into our gymnasium for class," said the ever-cheerful owner, Amy Bennett. For four years, Bennett has helped people reach their fitness goals. "I've had mothers who just had two kids who lost 40 pounds. I have 66 year olds doing Ironman, 15 year olds doing Xterra."

Triathlete John Mayers is one of those students, and a complete Amy Bennett fan. "I didn't know what I wanted to do. She had the answers to my questions. I've been to more of her classes than any student, I can assure you that."

Bennett added, "I personally instruct it because I love to invest in other people and teaching them just the benefits of exercise, making it fun for them, just to see how much better life can be if you're physically fit."

The class changes quarterly, sometimes to prep for races. But the underlying factor is fun. Mayers said, "She's high energy; an effective person. Everything she does, she does really well. She has a lot of experience, especially for her age. And she's a good motivator."

Bennett gets as much out of the classes as her students. "All my students have taught me so much. My whole goal with this program was if I could just reach one person and get them to take on an active lifestyle to better themselves, I'd meet my goal."

Bennett, who is a certified personal trainer, started in the field when she was just in junior high, as an aerobics teacher. She spend high school and college years as a YMCA fitness instructor at summer camps. While in the Marines, she was a Boot Camp fitness leader for four years.

She's made fitness her life, and she hopes to bring some into yours. The camp meets four nights a week on the windward side. Go to for details.

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