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Soon to be wedded couples feel the pinch

Blake Ajimine Blake Ajimine
Elizabeth Afong Elizabeth Afong

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - To most, it's the biggest day of their lives. but some soon to be wedded couples are forced to keep their big day, small because of the tight economy.

Blake Ajimine and Jill Tokuda of Hawaii Kai are trying to keep their total wedding budget to under $10,000.

They plan to keep things simple, but they're still having a difficult time doing just that.

It's a photo-op of a lifetime for these two from Hawaii Kai as they prepare for their big day. A day that won't come without a heavy price tag.

"We're especially hard hit 'cuz I sell real estate, so this economic downturn is really hitting the market hard, everywhere," Ajimine said.

Ajimine and his soon to be wife, Jill Tokuda are tightening their budgets and making small shortcuts to save a little.

"We're trying to keep everything as simple as possible and we let everybody know that it's gonna be somewhat casual, laid back, it's just gonna be friends and family," Ajimine said.

Even businesses like Elizabeth Afong's are feeling the pinch. She says business is slow and couples are hesitant to spend money these days.

"I think they're kind of very cautious in what they buy things right now," she said. "They're looking and most are looking for discounts."

But despite tough economic times, Ajimine and Tokuda are hopeful for a bright future.

"If it's the right person, the right time then regardless the economic situation you find a way to make it happen," Ajimine said. "It's more about me and her doing this together, rather than having something fancy for somebody else."

Keeping things in perspective and in their wallets, even on the biggest day of their lives.

Just to give you an example of how couples are cutting corners. Ajimine and Tokuda are saving some money on the venue. A family member's company is supplying them with one for free.

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