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Pulling weeds become learning opportunity for Le Jardin Academy students

Chance Bridgman Chance Bridgman
Greta Reis Greta Reis

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

KAILUA (KHNL) - Invasive plants get attention from a group of Oahu elementary school students.

It's back breaking work but for fourth graders at Le Jardin Academy.  Pulling weeds is a community service project and learning opportunity.

"Plants are the most important thing pretty much in life because we need them to survive and they need us to survive and without them everyone would be dead probably," 4th grader Chance Bridgman said.

"I know we're gonna be planting new plants, weeding, and taking out intrusive species and planting native plants," 4th grader Greta Reis said.

"Looking at all the interesting plants and learning about facts about plants," Bridgman said.

They learn that they are the future protectors of Hawaii's native forests.

"If they are endangered and they become extinct they will probably never be seen again and it's important to save those plants," Reis said.

Keiki take a walk down the loop trail and see the difference between native and invasive species.

"Up until now they've only seen pictures on the computer, now they are going to see them where they are supposed to be," 4th grader teacher Shannon Morey said.

"A lot of learning happens when you get your hands dirty, especially when you talk about plants," Morey said.

They eagerly pull up roots and get dirty all for the sake of their community.

When the kids return to the classroom, they will come up with a plan on how to preserve a native plant.

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