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Burglars steal couple's beloved dogs, jewelry, electronic equipment

Robert Houck Robert Houck
Cynthia Houck Cynthia Houck
Houck shows where thieves broke into his home Houck shows where thieves broke into his home

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PACIFIC PALISADES (KHNL) - An Oahu man's heart sank when he discovered his Pacific Palisades home was broken into and his beloved dogs were stolen.

Robert Houck and his wife consider the two dogs their babies. Now, the couple is frantically searching for them.

"This is nap time, Hawaiian style," Cynthia Houck said as she pointed to a photo.

Fighting back tears, Cynthia Houck shows off her precious scrapbook filled with photos and memories.

"This is them, the first day they met," she said about her two dogs. "And they're my babies."

Her babies are Zeus and Pele Girl.

"When they're excited, you hear them slipping and sliding on the floor," Robert Houck said.

But now, the home feels empty.

"The hard thing is you, you hear everything," Cynthia Houck said through tears.

Cynthia and her husband were running errands Monday, and say they were out of the house for just an hour-and-a-half.

"This is where we believe they came in because the screen was completely removed," Robert Houck said.

They say someone broke in and stole jewelry, electronic equipment and cash. Two-year-old Zeus and 10-month-old Pele Girl were also taken.

"The first thing I noticed is that my dogs didn't meet me at the door," Robert Houck said. "I wasn't focused on the material things. I was, you know, I was just in a panic over the dogs."

The Houcks, still numb following the burglary, are handing out and e-mailing thousands of fliers, hoping their Staffordshire Bull Terriers will be found.

"The worst scenarios will go through your mind," Robert Houck said. "One of the greatest attributes of these dogs is their tenacity. They don't give up, and we will not."

Police say they recovered fingerprints and are continuing their investigation.

If you see the dogs or have any information about this case, call Honolulu police.



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