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Rundown baseball field gets fresh grass, renews team spirit

Eddie Char Eddie Char
Reid Yoshikawa Reid Yoshikawa
Rob Nelson Rob Nelson
Danny Green Danny Green

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

KAIMUKI (KHNL) - It's a baseball field so old and worn down, players sometimes get hurt. Playing ball at Kaimuki High School is now more safe, thanks to a few people who generously stepped up to the plate.

A greener future is in store for the Bulldogs, as Kaimuki High School's field of dreams has turned into a field of hazards.

"Sometimes you'd be running on the grass and trip or like the ball would be coming towards you and it would roll another direction," said Eddie Char, one of the baseball players on the team.

"We had like holes here and there in the field where bad hops would hit and you get hit, I got hit in the eye when I was playing a couple times, big black and blue," said Coach Reid Yoshikawa, a Kaimuki alumnus who played baseball at the school.

To help bring this field back to major league quality, landscaper Rob Nelson and sod farmer Danny Green tag teamed to do a $2000 sod job for free.

"I looked at the beginning of the infield and I thought it was just pretty bad," said Nelson.

"Rob asked me to help at Kaimuki High School, knowing that I was an alumnus, and this worked out really well," said Green.

The duo's generosity scored major points, with players taking time out of their lunch to help lay the groundwork for what they hope will spark more interest in their team.

"Being an alumnus of Kaimuki High School means, it's like a blessing, you know it's like, I've never played on a field too that's had grass like this when I was here and to have this for the kids that are playing for me, it's like a treat," said Yoshikawa.

"This means a lot because we're not really all that good as baseball players but we know now that people actually care," said Char.

And that win or lose, the Bulldogs sense of pride will shine and grow.

The sod donation came about after Kaimuki High School and Champion Edge Foundation made a deal. The Foundation asked the school if it could use its field on Sundays in exchange for helping maintain it.

Nelson is a member of that foundation.

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