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Wall of water rushes down Moanalua Valley canal

Michael Cuban Michael Cuban
Florence Ching Florence Ching

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

MOANALUA VALLEY (KHNL) - Emergency crews rushed to Moanalua Valley Wednesday morning, after hearing about a wall of water tumbling down the mountain.

Police say it was likely a flash flood caused by recent rains.

Michael Cuban's friends were hunting in the back of Moanalua Valley, when an estimated 10-foot wave started barreling down the canal.

"They seen a big whitewash of water come down, so it's pretty much just a flash flood in the back," Cuban said. "So they just dug out, hunt in different mountain."

Police and firefighters arrive and examine the stream. They say the rocks and barriers across the spillway did their job, trapping branches and other debris, and allowing the water to flow nicely down the canal.

"What people saw was probably that water coming over the causeway into the spillway out of Moanalua Valley, which is what it's designed to do," Maj. Kurt Kendro, Honolulu Police Department, said.

The police chopper gets a look from above, and doesn't find any landslides or anything unusual.

Long-time Moanalua Valley residents are surprised by all the activity.

"When we first moved here 34 years ago, it was a concern," Florence Ching, area resident, said. "But now, we don't even think about it. It's just a naturally-occurring phenomenon."

"How worried are you right now?" this reporter asked Norito Sagawa, area resident.

"No, I'm not worried," he replied. "So long as the water go down, that's the main thing."

Police say it's a good idea to be prepared for possible flash flooding.

"Take a look at the spillways in your area and your neighborhoods to make sure that they're clear so that water can have a clear flow," Kendro said.

There was no report of injuries or property damage.

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