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Fewer flights leaving out of Honolulu International Airport

Maria Elena Hincapie Maria Elena Hincapie
Bill Gum Bill Gum

By Leland Kim - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - At Honolulu International Airport, things were much calmer, and not nearly as busy as it was a year ago.  Blame it on the economy.  Nationally, passenger flights are down seven percent from a year ago.

Here in Hawaii, it's even worse.  There are close to 30 percent fewer flights leaving our state from a year ago.  That means this airport and others face major slowdowns.

Midday, Honolulu International Airport was practically empty.  Air travelers who budgeted extra time to check in, did not expect this.

"Usually when you come to the airport, there's a million people in line, nobody knows where they're going and everyone's upset, frustrated with the long lines and the long wait, but today it's empty," said air traveler Maria Elena Hincapie.  "The machines are actually working."

"This time dramatically different coming in here," said air traveler Bill Gum.  "Usually there are long lines wound up on each other, but here it's really relaxed and it's actually kind of calm."

They're hoping the economy picks up and airlines start offering attractive deals to bring visitors back to Hawaii.

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