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Costco gas 50 cents cheaper than competition

Mica Ige Mica Ige
James Anshutz James Anshutz

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Oil prices hit a 13-month low ending the day at $74.54. Drivers passing by Costco do a double take at the advertised cost near $3 a gallon.

Patient customers wait in long lines at Costco.

"Roughly about half hour it's pretty much worth it. $3.16, you can't beat that price," one customer said.

The warehouse giant is banking on numbers.

"Every week I go here," another customer said.

Dropping prices 50-cents lower than the competition, bringing long lines at it's pumps.

"Oh about 60-cents," a Costco customer said.

"The gas is pretty cheap all the other places are like $3.80 to $3.90," Mica Ige said.

"It's nice to have it back down again I went to the other place and got half a tank because I didn't have time to wait and I paid like $3.70," James Anshutz said.

"I'm a member and I know the gas is cheaper here than anywhere else," one customer said.

The $3 mark brings back not so distant memories for some.

"I was literally going through a tank of gas every two days so it was getting quite pricey but it's nice to see it kind of back down," Anshutz sais.

"It's helping the economy and helping me," one customer said.

The drivers say if the warehouse giant keeps these numbers up many more could be lining up for a club card.

The price of crude oil peaked in mid-July selling at $4.54 cents a gallon here on Oahu.

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