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Makaha residents complain of trash, animal carcasses near beach

Denise Saylors Denise Saylors

By Leland Kim - bio | email

MAKAHA (KHNL) - Leeward Oahu residents say trash and other debris near Makaha Beach are causing an environmental hazard and a major eye sore. The areas in question are under Makaha Bridges 1 and 2, near popular surfing and beach spots in western Oahu.

We heard about this through our "Talk Story" line. Residents worry plastic bags and other trash will wash into the ocean once the rainy season starts. But, it's not just trash they're worried about.

There are even animal carcasses floating in the water, on the mauka side of the bridge. Denise Saylors has been trying to get this resolved for over a month, and wants the trash cleaned up now.

"We just have a whole lot of general filth: plastic bags, cups from the local convenience store," said Saylors, a Makaha resident. "Everybody that comes by, you can see all the cups and containers."

Saylors says her neighborhood is a dumping ground. She began noticing the filth in August.

"The physical trash is repugnant," she said. "But believe it or not, it might be topped by the stench that will sometimes permeate from this area. It is very unpleasant and we are worried about it."

She says this could turn into a potential environmental hazard.

"We're worried about the turtles," said Saylors. "We're worried about the sea life, and it does create a health hazard for the people that want to use the water."

But beyond that, there are other health concerns. Dead pig carcasses are floating in the water.

"When we have higher rains, and more rains are coming with the rainy season, the pigs are going to be washed away over here to world famous Makaha Beach," said Saylors.

She called the Department of Transportation. It has a roving maintenance schedule, with only eight men to cover 400 bridges island wide. Since it wasn't considered an emergency, crews are sticking to their regular schedule.

"Please come out and clean this up right now, we need to have this cleaned up," said Saylors. "Waianae shouldn't suffer like this. Makaha is beautiful, is so immensely beautiful. Our families are deserving. Please come out and clean this up now."

Her pleas are heard. Crews will clean up the mess starting Wednesday. It should all be finished by the end of next week.

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