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Panos Prevedouros has outstanding traffic warrant

Panos Prevedouros Panos Prevedouros

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - He made a name for himself as the prime spokesperson for the continuation of cars as Oahu's best transportation alternative. Then, he ran for Honolulu Mayor as a vocal opponent of light rail.

KHNL News 8 learns University of Hawaii Engineering Professor Panos Prevedouros has an outstanding bench warrant for reckless driving.

According to court documents, in December 2006, Prevedouros was slapped with a traffic warrant after failing to appear in court for a reckless driving ticket.

"This was 11 at night at a construction zone near the entry of Kailua that my speed limit was somewhat higher. The old speed limit was 35, the new speed limit was 25 and I wasn't doing 25 miles per hour. Now, if you speed 10 miles over the 25 miles an hour speed zone in a construction area that is empty and that reflects on my character, I don't know, what can I tell you," Prevedouros said.

Records show that Panos wrote a letter to the court, saying he couldn't attend the hearing because he was one of the experts appointed to the city's task force on transportation. He requested a hearing for January 2007.

The Honolulu City Prosecutor's Office says if Prevedouros doesn't resolve it, he could be arrested the next time he gets pulled over. Prevedouros says he didn't know the judge issued a traffic warrant for not attending the initial hearing.

"I never got a warrant. Nothing. And since then, I, as you notice, got another two, you know they pulled me over," he said.

Prevedouros was pulled over again in 2007 for making an illegal right turn and failing to yield to pedestrians. Despite the warrant, he was not arrested.

As the leading traffic advisor for mayoral candidate Ann Kobayashi, Prevedouros denies that this stain on his traffic record is a stain on his credibility.

"This has nothing to do with my qualifications to refer professional and engineering opinions and I generally don't speed," said Prevedouros.

Prevedouros did get a speeding ticket a few weeks after he was cited for reckless driving, but that case was dismissed.

Because of the warrant, there is a stop on Prevedouros's license, which means he can still drive with his current license, but if he tries to renew, he'll be denied.

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