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Players taking aim at tennis hazards

Eddie Tee Eddie Tee

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Honolulu is a city full of popular places to play. But is the City neglecting some of its recreational facilities? That's what frequent users of the Diamond Head Tennis Center believe.

At the popular tennis complex, friendly games can be found every day.

But these players get serious when it comes to the condition of the ten courts.

"About 60 percent of them need to be reconstructed or re-done," said Eddie Tee, a Waikiki resident.

That's 6 of 10, covered with cracks, holes, or hazards. Making it difficult for players to keep their eyes on the ball, when they have to watch their step.

Tennis enthusiasts are now raising a racket over the conditions of the courts. Which are turning into more than eyesores.

"Some of these courts could become a safety issue," added Tee.

Diamond Head is a far cry from Wimbledon, and yet there is grass growing on courts in both places. Maintenance crews periodically repair the playing surfaces, but those who know tennis say the city's efforts just aren't working.

"The City and County workers are coming by but they're not doing the proper work and they're not doing it on a regular basis and so there is deterioration," said Mike Cordeiro, of Honolulu.

Instead the players would serve up a complete overhaul of the court's foundations. Which, some feel, would solve the problem. It was done at the stadium court at the Diamond Head Tennis Center, and it is the only one free from cracks and holes.

Renovating the courts at this historic center, would give the players another reason to "love" the game of tennis.

While tennis enthusiasts are upset, and have written emails and letters, they say the ball is in the City's court to fix the problems once and for all.

The City Parks and Recreation Department did not return our repeated phone calls for comment on this story.

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