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October 13, 2008

Flying High

As I returned home from a brief mainland trip last week, I noticed an interesting phenomenon you simply don't see when traveling elsewhere.  As we approached the Hawaiian Islands, scores of visitors were craning their necks and actually removing their seatbelts to catch a glimpse of land.  It looked like kids in an ice cream shop looking at the counter displays.  The scene reminded me that perhaps we lose perspective of just how special a place this really is- for both people who live here and for those who simply visit us.

I don't ever recall seeing people glued to their airplane windows when landing at La Guardia or Hartsfield airports.  But when outsiders come upon the green dots of Hawaii, and the flight attendants give the pertinent information, sometimes followed by the "welcome to paradise" line, it makes you realize just how unique it is to behold such an emotional response- before people even set foot and smell their first plumeria.

Yes, the economy is in the tank and industries old and new are looking to simply survive, but never lose perspective on just what it is we've got here- even with our traffic and social concerns; there's a certain magic that can uplift any visitor simply by hearing the words, "out the left side of the aircraft, you can now see the island of Molokai coming into view".  Sometimes, you have to go away and come back to fully appreciate a simple concept like "lucky you live Hawaii".  Think about it...

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