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UH students call campus security inadequate

Calah Nakasone Calah Nakasone
Greg Takayama Greg Takayama

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

MANOA- (KHNL) University of Hawaii at Manoa students are fuming mad, they say robbers are reaping the benefits of what they say is inadequate campus security.

Property theft has spiked and because there's no insurance on things like mopeds, that has many students out thousands if they're stolen. They're also losing cars, bikes, basically anything thieves can get their hands on. Students say they're fed up!

More than 20,000 students are enrolled at University of Hawaii's Manoa campus and right now, it's not classes but crime that's stressing them out.

"I have a hard test tomorrow," said Student Calah Nakasone.

For UH students Calah and her boyfriend Gabe thanks to thieves, walking is their only means of transportation.

Three mopeds and a car have been stolen on Uh's Manoa campus in the last year and that's just from her family and boyfriend. Calah's moped was stolen Sunday.

" We're worrying about homework, we're worry about tests and on top of that we have to worry about our property being stolen, that's ridiculous," said Nakasone.

Campus security says six mopeds have been reported stolen since the start off school, that's already more than all of last year.

"It's a persistent problem on campus, thefts, crimes of opportunity," said Campus Spokesperson Greg Takayama.

Students store things like bikes, surf boards and mopeds in the only secure structure of its kind near Frear Hall. It's aimed at shutting the door on thefts, but students say it's still not caging concerns.

"I just reach around here, click it open and I can get into the secure area. Anything they can see around they can steal because it's that easy," said Nakasone.

Campus officials have added two more patrol officers per shift, but student's say it still doesn't give them peace of mind about their property.

"They need to put some kind of security system in so even if things are taken and they're not in that place at that time, they're still accounted for watching that spot," said Nakasone.

Until then, for many UH students on a small budget, walking may be the only option to be worry-free.

Early Monday morning, a security officer was robbed at knife point. To limit threats, the campus is closing all but one of its entrances at 10pm to cut down on trespassers and the threat of students getting stolen from.

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