Earth-friendly way to dispose unwanted electronics

David Lassner
David Lassner
Larry Wiss
Larry Wiss

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - Have old typewriters, cell phones or computer hard drives sitting around the house? It's time to dust them off. There's an earth-friendly way to dispose of them.

The University of Hawaii in partnership with Apple are getting ready to hold one of the biggest e-Waste recycling drives in the state. They're accepting everything from old computers, typewriters, modems, cell phones and other old electronics that no longer work.

"We remove the hazardous materials and we also recycle as much as possible all of the computers printers and so forth to put them back to use in other kinds of products and what's so special about this event is that it's free. Normally you have to pay to get rid of the stuff," said University of Hawaii's David Lassner.

Lassner says it's illegal to dump your old electronics in the landfill and harmful to the environment. He says recycling them is the right thing to do and it's easy.

"You just drive your car up and we have working professionals there to help you unload your car. It's simply a drive-through process," said Lassner.

This year, there will be two drives. One on October 20 through 24 for government and educational institutions, non-profits and small businesses and another on Saturday October 25 for everyone else. There will be drives at seven different drop off locations across the state.

For the second time, Larry Wiss plans to participate in the e-Waste recycling drive.

"Why not take it and put it in a place where it's going to be handled environmentally safe and not end up in some third world country where it's going to be contaminating the ground? Come on down and take advantage of the program," said UH's Larry Wiss.

In their last drive, UH and Apple collected 1.2 tons of e-Waste from Hawaii residents. Based on that number, they're optimistic their upcoming one will be a success.

You can drop off your e-Waste at seven locations across the state.

For a list of the drop off sites click on the e-Waste Recycling Drive link on this page.