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New butterfly species makes home in Waikiki

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -  Scientists from the University of Hawaii Manoa have identified a new species of butterfly in the Waikiki area.

The new arrival has been determined to be Zizina otis, the Lesser Grass Blue, widely known throughout Asia and the Pacific and in some parts of Africa.

UH Manoa's Daniel Rubinoff says there are two species of butterfly native to the Hawaiian Islands but new arrivals do show up from time to time.

"We think this particular species came to Oahu by some human-assisted means rather than by natural dispersal," said Rubinoff.  "Since it appears to be attracted to Mimosa pudica, which is common in lawns, roadsides and pastures on all major islands except Molokai, we expect that it will eventually spread pretty much statewide."

Rubinoff says at this point, the new butterfly does not seem to be harmful to Hawaii's environment.

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