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Green homes dominate popular event

Sharon Aldueso Sharon Aldueso
Richard Dunn Richard Dunn

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

EWA BEACH (KHNL) - An island feature being built into many new Hawaii homes, is designed to save you money. Going green, could save you green.

The yearly showcase of homes, gives people a chance to check out the latest trends, technology, and designs. It's also giving people an energy efficient alternative.

Homes like this one behind me are on display as part of the parade of homes event. All but five are green homes.

An Ewa Beach neighborhood is looking for a few green homeowners.

"People are definitely more energy efficient, especially with what happened with oil, so I do think that people are looking for this much more than they ever have," Coordinator Richard Dunn said.

Richard dunn has seen fountains of people coming in to see these extravagant homes, including this one that took the best in show award.

"I'd buy the green home, hands down," Tour participant Sharon Aldueso said.

Sharon Aldueso recently moved back to Oahu from Washington State. She's a big fan of green homes after learning from others in the Evergreen State.

"As time has gone along, we've actually looked at different ways to improve our homes in Aiea and Mililani to be more green," she said.

Experts say when it comes to green homes, more people are making the switch.

"Will it mean that they will buy a particular home?" "If they had two and they loved the home the same, yes I think it would make a difference," Dunn said.

Aldueso feels it's important to make an effort to save the environment and buying a green home is a big step in the right direction.

"Because it uses a lot of natural materials, it incorporates conservation for the environment using a lot of the elements for the environment to kind of recycle into how we live," she said.

Away to live in a home that may help save the environment.

Eight homes are three-star Hawaii-Built Green homes. It's the highest rating for green homes.

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