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Oil tank explosion fuels concerns over welder safety

Max Black Crow Max Black Crow

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

KALAELOA (KHNL) - Some local welders are worried that tough economic times could fuel more accidents like the one that happened at Campbell Industrial Park on Tuesday.

Sean Norva, a 23-year-old welder from Waipahu, died in the explosion. No answers yet as to whether Norva's death could have been prevented.

Investigators are still trying to find out what went wrong. But the 'what if's have some welders worried that the troubled economy may possibly fuel more hazards in the industry.

PSC Industrial's plant remains closed and under investigation after a tank filled with waste oil explodes, killing one, and injuring three others.

Across the street, welders wonder if the tragic accident is a reflection of the nation's financial shake-up.

"I'm just worried that with the economy right now, that people don't want to go through procedures. They're going to shortcut and hire welders that aren't capable of understanding what the dangers are and maybe have a problem like this," said Max Black Crow, a local welder.

Crow says Norva and PSC may in fact have been following protocol.

Authorities say Norva was welding rails on the tank.

Flames near fuel seems like a lethal combination.

But welders say you can weld on a tank of fuel with no problem, just as long as you follow safety measures.

Black Crow says the deadly accident is a wake up call.

"It's dangerous. A lot of people die - confined spaces, explosions, electrical shocks, falls, it's all there you know. You have to remember this plant and other plants with tanks are like a hand grenade with a pin pulled out and one guys mistake can kill everybody in this plant," said Black Crow.

Norva's family has hired a lawyer their attorney says he cannot comment at this time.

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