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Marines train for the real thing

Sergeant Major Denny Duvall Sergeant Major Denny Duvall
Lnc. Cpl. Tyrone Young Lnc. Cpl. Tyrone Young

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

WAIMANALO (KHNL) - About 100 marines train at Bellows Airforce Station, before taking off to Afghanistan in a few weeks.

The group's training included helicopter evacuations, simulated improvised explosive device or IED attacks and convoy operations.

But despite all the physical training, marines we spoke to say teamwork is the most important thing they learned on Wednesday.

Kaneohe marines are training for the real thing.

"What we hope these marines will learn from this exercise is the importance of looking out for each other, managing themselves, their personal leadership, to always hone their skills on their own and to learn how to operate safely, successfully in a high stress environment," Sergeant Major Denny Duvall said.

The real thing comes up at the end of this month. They'll be heading off to Afghanistan, which is why they mean business.

"If you don't take these exercises seriously, when it comes time for it, the real thing that should happen, you won't be prepared for it, you won't know what to do, that'll put more marines lives in danger," Lance Corporal Tyrone Young said.

Sticking together is the main priority for this group, especially when they've only been around each other for only 100 days, the least amount of time any team has spent with one another.

"Before the marine corps, for me, it was more an independent thing, I could do everything by myself, but you realize you can't do everything by yourself, without your brothers and sisters by your side, the mission can't get accomplished and once you learn teamwork, you can get everything complete," Corporal Annie Spencer said.

A mission they're determined to complete in a fight for our freedom.

Once in Afghanistan, they'll be in charge of helping out other marines by giving them food and ammunition.

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