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Hawaii students take healthier route to school

Simone Potter Simone Potter
Alicia Hanta Alicia Hanta
Natalie Iwasa Natalie Iwasa

By Roger Mari - bio | email 

NIU VALLEY (KHNL) -  Millions of kids took a healthier route to school as part of International Walk to School Day.

About 100 students, teachers and parents, from the Honolulu Waldorf School in Niu Valley hit the sidewalks and bike lanes instead of the gas pedals to get to class.

"It's just good to take a break from driving to school, it's something new," said student Simone Potter.  "It was fun because a bunch of my friends did it, too."

It wasn't until this year that a school from Oahu got involved in this event, which encourages kids to find other alternatives to get to school while getting some exercise at the same time.

"I want them to know that you know, they don't have to rely on a car and plus it's good exercise, you know, we're trying to get them to be healthy," said Alicia Hanta, a parent.

Not all of the students walked to school today. Some decided to try hopping on the "bike & walk school bus" which has two adults in the front and back escorting kids to school.

"The idea is that we're all together, there's safety in numbers and the more people see bicyclists and pedestrians out there the more likely they are to be cautious," said parent Natalie Iwasa.

Walk to School Day isn't just intended to keep kids healthy, but the environment as well.

"The less cars there are the less pollution there is, and we can stop global warming if more people walk to school," said Potter.

It's one small school helping themselves stay fit and keeping Oahu cleaner, one step at a time.

International Walk to School Day comes once a year, but the Waldorf School plans to do another one in the spring.

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