College students watch debate

Clarisa Todeo
Clarisa Todeo
Grace Faichney
Grace Faichney
Chris Hicks
Chris Hicks

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

MOILIILI (KHNL) - College students were glued to the TV.

It was the one and only chance for Vice Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin to square off and students we spoke to say they were surprised who shined.

It was a soft fuzzy start to a debate they hoped would give insight to the person behind politics.

"The middle class needs relief, tax relief they need it now," said VP Democratic Nominee Joe Biden.

"Our economy is hurting and the federal government has not provided the sound insight," said VP Republican Nominee Sarah Palin.

"They're both speaking well, Sarah Palin is surprising me, she seems more composed than normal," said Student Clarisa Todeo.

"I'm surprised by far, I've never really heard biden speak before," said Student Grace Faichney.

Hundreds of UH students listened and learned, their eyes locked on the TV, screening the best potential co-star to lead the country. But for some, the debate won't factor into their decision.

"I've already decided," said Student Chris Hicks.

"I've already been decided," said Faichney.

"It's not really changing my mind but it is making me think it will change other people's mind," Todeo.

"Barack Obama and Senator Biden also voted for the highest tax increases in U.S. History," said Palin.

"Charges absolutely not true," said Biden.

"I'm interested in seeing how Palin does to me, she seems really scripted, really coached in this," said Hicks.

"it definitely shows me how they think. You're getting to learn a little bit more about them. They're both personable, I would enjoy having either one in office," said Faichney.

A 90-minute spar between both sides that parties hope will spring them forward come election day.

While many were skeptical coming into the debate, students say Palin exceeded their expectations. As for the winner, they say that's up to you to decide.