Turnout or Tuned Out?

Only 37% of registered voters bothered to go to the polls locally to vote in the September 20th primary.  Just a half-hour of a weekend day, or even via absentee ballot, and that means almost two-thirds of the people who could have voted opted not to here.  But you know what might be worse?  How about the fact that only 75% of the voting-eligible residents in Hawaii 18-years and older are even registered to vote?  And those numbers are a bit uncertain based on non-resident military, students, etc.

Take 37% of that truly eligible number of possible voters, and you realize now that only 28% of the total number of people who can vote in Hawaii actually went into a polling place two weeks ago.  And by the way, stop posting names and addresses outside of the polling place.  Keep it more private- inside, when people sign in.  Yeh, I know voting is sometimes the same old, same old.  A lot of people like that, of course.  And I know incumbents win sometimes because people simply know their names and not the facts.  And I know that some of the races seem to be not all that compelling.  But it only takes a whopping hour of your life to research information that could help you see the differences in candidates positions to help you make an educated choice, and that's not that too tough once or twice every 730 days now, is it?

Do we really want to be known as the state that does the worst job in the nation of supporting one of the country's fundamental principles- the right to vote? Maybe the non-voters and non-registered citizens are simply, subtly saying, "whatever".  Maybe too many think that nothing will ever change, or needs to change.  Wrong, wrong, and wrong.  You have until October 6th to change this sad history of local apathy by registering to vote in the November 4th general election. It's really easy and worthwhile.  Just do it, please; don't just ignore it, or simply think about it...