Efforts underway to help people re-discover Moilili

Michael Augusta
Michael Augusta
Grant Kagimoto
Grant Kagimoto

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

MOILIILI (KHNL) - It's a quiet community located just outside of Honolulu.

It hasn't changed much over the decades, but could future plans change things?

Moiliili is just outside of Honolulu, but it is worlds away when it comes to the image of this community compared to Honolulu's modern and growing city.

Moiliili is a throwback to a simpler time and place.

Look around and you'll see that a lot hasn't changed from decades ago, especially the people.

That's kept Michael Augusta here for 45 years.

"It's a family, ohana. The people here are just great," said Augusta.

But there have been changes: once popular landmarks have been torn down.

Moiliili is no longer a destination; it is a place people pass through on their way to somewhere else.

"Something people see at 25 miles-an-hour, and not at walking pace," said Grant Kagimoto, Moiliili Center president.

Many landmarks which used to attract people from outside the community are no longer here, like this park which replaced the old Honolulu Stadium.

"The loss of those physical landmarks, it's almost like losing a limb," said Kagimoto,"They are major losses. When a community loses a major building it is a big hole that can't be filled."

Modern problems have also crept into this quiet community, like traffic for those using Moiliili as a thoroughfare.

"Sometimes there is gridlock at three, four, five in the afternoon for this whole area," said Augusta.

Traffic could help define this community again, if Moiliili ends up being a transit stop on the rail line.

And in this quiet section of Oahu, there is uncertainty over what changes are in store for the future of this community.

"Will rail divide us or will it bring vitality?" asks Augusta.

In an effort to help people re-discover Moiliili, there will be a community event held at the old Stadium Park on Saturday, October 4.

There will also be historic tours so visitors can get a sense of what this community used to be like.