Segways becoming popular choice of transportation

Channelle Yocum
Channelle Yocum
Alan Rice
Alan Rice

By Roger Mari - bio | email

MOILILI (KHNL) - We've been telling you about many ways to save gas. This one has been on the streets for a while, but typically it's been viewed as something mostly for tourists.

This is a Segway.

Hailed initially as one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century they've been traveling Hawaii sidewalks for about three years.

Lately, more people are using them not only for fun, but to get to work.

Segways are easy to ride. They require no registration, no license, or insurance.

Alan Rice is an authorized dealer for these two-wheeled vehicles and believes these are just some of the reasons for a spike in sales.

"Because of the price of gas, we've gotten more phone calls over the last couple of months are sales have probably moved up at least 30% overall," said Rice.

They're battery operated, which helps keep maintenance costs low, they require no oil changes, tune ups, or tire rotations. Segways can be charged using any 110 volt outlet.

"It goes 24-25 miles on a charge, it take only six hours to charge it up," Rice said.

Channelle Yocum uses her Segway for cruising along the beach and for work. She is pleased with how easy they are to ride and with the extra money she's been able to save.

"In comparison to my car versus the Segway, I save on average I'd say about $450 a month on gas," said Yocum.

"No registration no license, no insurance, it saves you a ton of money," Rice said.

It's a different way of getting around while standing on your own two feet, instead of having to sit around in traffic.

There are several models of segways to chose from, they go about 10-12 miles per hour and cost anywhere from $3,800 to $6,200.