Children of woman who was fatally stabbed speak at killer's sentencing

Roy Hartsock
Roy Hartsock
Dazzerie Dano
Dazzerie Dano

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It was a heart-wrenching day in court as the children of a Kalihi woman, who was stabbed to death earlier this year, talked about their devastating loss.

Family members describe Jenny Hartsock as an unselfish, beautiful woman. They say their lives will never be the same after her brutal death.

Armed with hand-made signs and a message of peace, survivors of domestic violence march outside Honolulu Circuit Court before the sentencing of a wife killer.

Upstairs, the agony for the victim's children is clear as their step-father, Roy Hartsock, sits nearby.

"He took my mother's life away from me, away from us," Deann Dano, victim's daughter, said through tears.

Deann Dano is just 14 years old. In January, police found her mom, Jenny Hartsock, 39, fatally stabbed at an apartment building on Gulick Avenue.

Neighbors reported hearing the couple arguing.

"I kept asking which hospital she was going to be in so I could see her," Dazzerie Dano, victim's daughter, said through tears. "And my aunty kept saying I couldn't see her because she had died. No words can describe the feeling I had."

Tracey Uejo says her sister didn't leave her husband, despite being stabbed in the leg three months prior, because he said he would hurt someone close to her if she did.

"Jenny stayed with you out of great fear for the safety of her children and her family," the victim's sister said. "And that was in her nature."

Instead of the usual 20-year prison term for manslaughter, the judge hands down a life sentence. But under a deal with prosecutors, Hartsock has a chance at parole someday.

"I loved my wife dearly and I'm sorry for the pain that I have put you folks through," the convicted killer told the victim's family. "May you find peace in life."

"What was your reaction to his apology in the court?" this reporter asked the victim's sister.

"It's, it's just meaningless," Uejo replied.

The victim's family members say they're upset Hartsock, who has a lengthy criminal record, could be back on the streets one day.