Rivalry renewed between UH and BYU

Don Murphy
Don Murphy
Mike Horspool
Mike Horspool
Gregg Gillia
Gregg Gillia

By Jason Tang - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Every warrior football fan remembers what happened the last time BYU and Hawaii played at Aloha Stadium 7 years ago.

"We blew them out, it was terrffic, we beat them to death," said Don Murphy, owner of Murphy's Bar and Grill.

Hawaii's 72-45 win spoiled the Cougars perfect season, and likely cost them a shot at a BCS bowl game. Some fans wonder if rekindling the rivalry is in both schools best interest since they both compete for a potential BCS at large bid.

"Now that Hawaii's proven that they can make the BCS and now BYU is on their way to a BCS this year potentially, you now have two teams that are really in a position to be a BCS buster for the other one," said Mike Horspool, a BYU fan.

Other fans aren't too concerned about bowl games, they're just excited the rivalry will continue.

"BYU and Hawaii has always been a great rival," said Warrior fan Gregg Gillia.

"It's terrific, probably a good thing it's not this year, but it's great, it was a great rivalry, it will be good fun and that's what we need, good fun with quality team," added Murphy.

As for who will win the game, it all depends on who you ask.

"We're gonna get them both years, we'll beat them to death," said Murphy.

"I'm hoping we kick butt man. I hope we kick butt," said Gillia.

"It'll be a good one, but I think I gotta put my chips on BYU," said Horspool.

The BYU vs UH rivalry kicks off again in September 2012 when the Warriors play in Provo, Utah. September 2013, the Cougars come to Aloha Stadium.