UH students watch debate

Christina Stidman
Christina Stidman
James Fowler
James Fowler
Vanessa Ong
Vanessa Ong

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

MOILIILI (KHNL) - Almost 200 University of Hawaii at Manoa students and staff took a break from classes to catch the debate taking their selection for president seriously.

Two sites, almost two hundred students and staff, a slate of important issues.

"Healthcare," said a student.

"Education and women's issues," said Michelle Manes.

"The job market is a huge issue for me especially in these tough economic times," said James Fowler.

"There are more people riding the bus, there are more people riding their bike to school, people are concerned as to what kinds of programs and tax cuts are going to be implemented," said Christina Stidman.

As the republican and democratic nominees duke it out in the first presidential debate, students listen and learn.

"I come to a debate like this trying to take away more information on both candidates and also to find out more about the things I believe in," said Fowler.

"I think McCain is handling himself very well. There are tough questions going to both candidates however, I think McCain sounds stronger than Obama," said Jon Hite.

"I'm inspired by how Obama raises all of these political issues and how he's very concerned," said Vanessa Ong.

Danielle Fisher is dedicated to watching the debates to protect the her future.

"They hold the future of what's going to happen to this country, we have to takeover anything that happens after these events so we have to be part of it," said Danielle Fisher.

With less than 40 days left until decision day, the debate gives students direction for their presidential pick.

Friday's presidential debate was the first of three, the vice-presidential candidates Biden and Palin will get their chance to square off next week.

Aside from listening to the issues, more than a 100 UH students were registered to vote.