Keiki learn about recycling

Brianna Rico
Brianna Rico
Chris Hirota
Chris Hirota

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The Blaisdell Center opens its doors to hundreds of keiki to teach the importance of recycling.

Blue, green, and black. These new recycling bins will be on more curb sides next year and are featured at the 4th annual Discover Recycling Fair.

Keiki, from schools across Oahu learn about recycling and answer questions for a recycled prize.

"I learned that if you recycle more then the environment might be more clean. You can recycle paper, like newspaper, cans bottles and maybe plastic too," 5th Grader Brianna Rico said.

You can tell if a plastic bottle is recyclable by checking the bottom. If the chasing arrows have a one or a two it's good to go.

"It's easier to educate children and change their habits than going to adults and get them to change so we feel that this fair is very important for the future of the island," Recycling Specialist Chris Hirota said.

It's also hands on. The kids learn how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

"We went to different booths and we learned about recycling and reusing things over so that the environment is cleaner and better. It's very creative and people were making costumes out of recycled things," 5th Grader Christina Ho said.

They even make running tracks with old gym shoes. "The kids come here with a lot of questions a lot of intuitive minds wanting to know more," Niketown Representative Marlon Balasan said.

He hopes these keiki will take the knowledge they learn here home to tell the whole family how to go green in Hawaii.