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September 22, 2008

Zipping Along, Not

Aapparently, it finally makes sense to add an Ewa-bound zipper lane after years of discussion.  The Federal government is paying for much of this project, just announced by the State Department of Transportation, but you have to wonder why it took so long to get this thing zipping along, especially since the first contra flow zipper lane, heading town bound, has been in place for years.  And amazing timing on the story- the week before last Saturday's primary election, where rapid transit was certainly a major topic for candidates and voters.  After all, the idea of a zipper lane is not new, but is this timing really coincidental?

And since we already have one working zipper lane in place on the same highway stretch, why is this one, right across the median from the other one, going to take over two years to design and construct?  No one has put plans together for this idea in all the time it has been discussed?  No one has detailed the intricacies of the roadway- looks pretty basic to me; after all, we already have a zipper lane there...

Some people grumble about the need for three people per car for legal usage of this lane, vs. the old standard of two per car.  But having an extra lane heading out of town is a no-brainer, and should have been conceived, designed, and in place for years now.  When you're on the freeway heading Ewa bound on H-1 after 4 o'clock tomorrow, think about it...

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